Label: Kemosabe/RCA Records
Released: June 25

With no skips, Planet Her showcases Doja Cat’s genre-fluidity and innate talent, solidifying her current and future place in music. On tracks like “I Don’t Do Drugs” and “Been Like This,” Doja is a seductive singer with vocal chops that rival many of her pop counterparts. And on records like “Need To Know” and “Get Into It (Yuh),” she is a fierce rapper with a knack for witty wordplay and metaphors. Though you can clearly identify some of Doja’s influences on the record (she directly shout outs Nicki Minaj on one track), Planet Her doesn’t sound like an imitation of anything else. Instead, it’s effortlessly authentic to the silly and eclectic personality we’ve seen from Doja Cat on her social media accounts. Whether you consider it a pop album or a rap album, Planet Her proves that Doja Cat has undeniably arrived as a superstar. —Jessica McKinney