Freddie Gibbs on Winner of Drake and Kendrick Beef: ‘Record Labels’

The "Space Rabbit" MC thinks labels are scoring big on the ongoing feud between Drake and Lamar.

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Freddie Gibbs thinks labels are getting the biggest payoff in the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar beef.

On Thursday, the rapper, comedian, and actor was asked for his opinion about who "won" the beef, to which he responded on X, "the record labels."

A Twitter post by Freddie Gibbs with text "The record labels." responding to Cassette Al asking who won the Drake Kendrick beef

His followers didn't disagree, also adding some opinions of their own. "And the YouTube reaction community because Kendrick is Goated," responded one person who clearly knew about Lamar lifting his copyright strikes on YouTube.

Another person wrote, "Accurate. All these music execs are just counting their money right now."

While Drake and Kendrick continue to shatter Spotify records with their back-to-back releases—more so Lamar, whose latest track "Not Like Us" racked up nearly 6.6 million Spotify streams in a single day—other rappers also concur with Gibbs' thoughts.

Vince Staples was asked for his thoughts on the Drake/Kendrick beef by a member of the audience at an event in Long Beach today.

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Perhaps despising how record labels are moving throughout the Drake and Lamar beef is Vince Staples, who recently discussed structural changes at record labels, possibly leading the industry to glorify rap beefs.

“So then we getting priced out of our contracts, we getting priced out of our imprints. There are no labels, basically, that are incentivized to sign Black music and it's happening in front of our eyes,” Vince said at the inaugural "Youth Day in the LBC” last weekend. “While Taylor Swift is fighting for people to be able to have streaming money, n***as is on the internet arguing with each other about some rap shit. So that's how I feel about it, honestly.”

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