2015 destroyed 2014 musically. We said as much all the way back in March, and while we were talking specifically about rap in that instance, it became a cross-genre proclamation as the months unfolded. Whether you're into rock, rap, EDM, pop, R&B, or other, there were so many great new albums to choose from this year that we had serious trouble deciding what to cut or keep on this final list of 50. But we're not complaining. 

Making the midyear list presented enough of a challenge, and at that point, we had yet to hear many of the most anticipated projects of the year (and we are still waiting on a few). Some of these albums have been with us all year, while others have had less than a month to cook (though 3.38 million in sales shows some staying power, no?). There is still a full month left in the year, so who knows what else 2015 could bring us (ANTI?​). But barring any big surprises, here are the Best Albums of 2015.  


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