The Drake and Kendrick Lamar Rap War Is Full of Style References

From straightforward jabs about Kendrick Lamar hating Drake's style to the G-Unit spinner chain being featured in the "Family Matters" video, here are the style references from the ongoing rap war.

The Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef escalated to a new level on Friday night with the release of "Family Matters" and "Meet the Grahams." The bars that most people are referencing are very serious, at times eerie, accusations about each respective rapper's family and personal life. But not all of the shots being traded cut as deep, at least at first glance. Each rapper has also tapped into the style world to take certain shots.

There's the very to-the-point "I hate the way that you dress" on Kendrick Lamar's "Euphoria." In "Family Matters," Drake showed off some of hip-hop's most iconic custom chains from 50 Cent and Pharrell to help get his point across. As you may expect from two rappers of this caliber, not every reference should be taken strictly at face value. This stuff is usually more calculated than that. Not everything these guys are accusing one another of has been verified nor have some of these theories, but this war of words certainly has everyone tapping into detective mode to uncover every easter egg and double entendre. 

Check out all of the references, below. 

"Tommy Hilfiger stood out, but FUBU never had been your collection"

Man on stage in casual black jacket and pink pants, holding a microphone, with a graphic backdrop

"I Hate the Way That You Dress"

The G-Unit Spinner Chain

Pharrell's Chains

Tupac's Ring

"Two separate albums dissin', I just did a Kim to it, n***a, skim through it."

Drake's Bars for ASAP Rocky

The Engagement Ring

'Meet the Grahams' Cover Photo

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