Label: Loma Vista Recordings
Released: May 31

After making a sprawling concept album with TA13OO, Denzel Curry streamlined things and went back to his Carol City roots for ZUU, a sonic sail through South Florida. But while there is a back-to-the-basics quality to its presentation, the record showcases Curry’s deep repertoire of flows—melodic and maudlin on “SPEEDBOAT,” lethal and staccato on “AUTOMATIC.” It’s also peppered with powerful autobiographical details about the rapper’s upbringing and how death hangs over him (both his late brother, Tree, and XXXTentacion are mentioned). The production, handled by the likes of FnZ, Ronny J, and Tay Keith, feels like a big-budget update of the wild RVIDXR KLVN sound with which Curry first made a name for himself. If TA13OO was proof that Curry could execute a heady, thematically dense project, ZUU is evidence that he also deserves your undivided attention when he lets everything flow in a comparatively loose creative environment. —Grant Rindner