Here's How Much Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, and Other Rappers Made Over the Last Year

'Forbes' has released a list dedicated to detailing the earnings of hip-hop's highest paid acts over the last year, and there's a few surprises on there among the usual suspects.

Every year Forbes releases a list of the highest paid celebrities and entertainers, with some of rap's biggest stars cracking this list. JAY-Z, Dr. Dre, and Diddy are among the most common to appear on the higher side of such lists, but now Forbes has released a new list dedicated to the highest earning hip-hop acts, detailing the earnings of those who don't quite hit the huge highs rap's elite often does.

Unsurprisingly JAY-Z and Diddy hit the top two spots, with $76.5 and $64 million respectively, but from there on out the list starts to get a little more interesting. Drake might be the most popular rapper in the world right now, but he still comes behind Kendrick Lamar's $58 million No. 3 spot. Drizzy did earn an impressive $47 million, coming ahead of J. Cole at No. 5 with $35.5 million. Nas and Dr. Dre, who both sit at No. 6, tied with $35 million. Pitbull took No. 9 with $32 million. 

Future makes an impressive showing on the list with $30 million, while Kanye West trails just behind at $27.5 million thanks to his partnership with Adidas. DJ Khaled made $27 million, while Migos made $24.5. Eminem didn't play many shows over the last year or so and Kamikaze came out too recently to have an impact on his earnings for the list, but he did still accumulate a whopping $23 million.

Chance the Rapper managed to earn $21.5 million. Travis Scott recently became something of a superstar in the run-up to his hugely successful album ASTROWORLD, and as such, he earned $21 million over the last year. 

Lil Uzi Vert hasn't released much in the way of new music recently, but he still did very well for himself earning $19.5 million, with the same going for Lil Wayne with $19 million. Birdman was able to pull in a cool $20 million. Logic didn't do too shabby, either, earning $17 million, while the final spot is tied between Meek Mill, Russ, and Swizz Beatz at $15 million.

As pointed out by Forbes, the list lacks any women, with both Nicki Minaj and Cardi B notably absent. 

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