Not even 50 Cent’s Power co-star, Rotimi, could escape his tactics. In May 2019, Fif claimed Rotimi owed him an outstanding balance of $300,000. The debt was from a couple of years ago, but since Rotimi was making waves with his new album, 50 decided it was time to collect. “I want to punch this nigga nose,” he wrote on Instagram. “[Rotimi] got the #1 RNB album. Time to pay me on gang.” 

Rotimi initially claimed he didn’t owe 50 a dime, suggesting he was only a target because of his newfound musical success. The actor appeared to switch up his story a few days later when he elaborated on the situation during an interview with TMZ. According to Rotimi, he accumulated the massive debt from a record deal he signed with G-Unit back in 2014. He opted out of the deal after he and the label disagreed about one of his singles. “So I asked him, ‘Can I get out of my deal?’ And he said, ‘Yes, I’m not going to hold you back. But there’s business,’” Rotimi recalled of his conversation with Fif. “I paid an upfront sum and everything else would be through mechanical sales or royalty and everything.” 

So, 50 may have exaggerated the amount he was owed, but Rotimi revealed to TMZ that he paid the last installment that same week. “Because it is my brother, instead of waiting for royalties, and I am able to pay, I gave him $100,000,” Rotimi revealed. “We’re good.” 

After receiving his payment, 50 sent well wishes Rotimi’s way, saying, “I have no problem with [Rotimi]. In fact, I wish him and his family the best. God bless.”