50 Cent has beefed with so many people in the entertainment industry (and beyond), it would probably be easier to count the number of people he hasn’t exchanged words with, rather than the other way around. Throughout his career, 50 has come up against some of the biggest names in the game, never shying away from petty diss tracks or memes on social media. Think of the most disrespectful thing a person could do or say to an individual, and 50 Cent has most likely done it (or at least thought about it). 

His conniving and relentless tactics have arguably been just as crucial to his career as his music catalog and business deals. 2019 has been no different. This year alone, Fif has rehashed decade-long beefs and started new ones, showing why he is the master of witty and hilarious clapbacks. When it comes to 50 Cent, there is no telling who he will pick as his next target. For now, here’s a breakdown of people 50 has beefed with in 2019.