Album: Rich Gang
Producer: London on da Track
Label: Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records, Republic Records

The odds were stacked against “Lifestyle.” The general public’s ability to sing along to its lyrics begins and ends with the words “something wrong with the pussy.” Despite that, this tropical, joint-in-mouth, stacks-on-person, roofless coupe of a song became one of the summer’s most thriving anthems and ultimately, a huge crossover hit. Digest the following statistical reality: the moment in the video wherein Soulja Boy enjoys a popsicle has as of now been experienced by just about 90 million pairs of eyes, according to Vevo.

It wasn’t obvious at first, because it seemed to emerge just like the other several loosies that Thug and Quan were getting their hands in at the time, seemingly every other day. Admit that you slept. But exponentially, “Lifestyle” bounced around on the buzz that Thug had been gathering for quite some time, such that it gained enough energy to eventually be the “London on da Track” heard around the world. For Thug fans, its runaway success is hard to be mad at. “Lifestyle” is a decent representation of Thug at his best, rap-wise, and of his characteristic joyful mode, which he used to get into a lot more pre-1017 Thug. Quan is likely instrumental in bringing out the exuberance out of Thug on the track, and their vocal chemistry is as strong as Thug’s Instagram captions would suggest. Speaking of which, watch Thug peel off in the Ferrari and ask yourself if he cares about what you think of him referring to his friends as “Hubbie.”

What is perhaps most compelling about the record is its ability to sound and feel like the content. This is what the exultation of being able to hand your mom a stack then hop onto a yacht with Birdman should sound like. This is the real “We Made It,” as brought to you by a couple of guys who aren’t already five years plus into having made it. It was within such a context that a line like “something wrong with the pussy” was able to be presented in such a lighthearted manner. It is as though Thugger simply had too much to be proud of in this moment that the reality of the pussy being temporarily under the weather could not begin to bother him. Ideally, that’s how it should make you feel too. —Alex Russell