Network: Hulu
Season: 2
Where to Watch: Hulu

Ramy Season 1 was relatively light-hearted and a refreshing look into the world of a modern Muslim family trying to navigate living in these American times. It was funny, smart, and tried to show an honest portrayal of a millennial Muslim male wrestling with his faith and temptation. Season 2, on the other hand, was all those things except with a lot more cringe.

Ramy made it very hard for us to root for him like we did the season prior as he constantly fell off his din and into the clutches of shaitan. This season had me wanting to spend more time with his father Farouk (Amr Waked), mother Maysa (Hiam Abbass), sister Dena (May Calamawy), and uncle Naseem (Laith Nakli) instead of him. Ramy’s life is too chaotic for my liking; he truly needs to find God after what went down this season. However, redirection from lovable idiot to a fucking dickhead worked along with making this go-round deal with heavier situations. Mahershala Ali’s turn as Sheikh Ali Malik makes you stay, though. His calm demeanor, empathy, and wisdom is intoxicating as we try to forget the shit Ramy steps in. While Ramy Season 2 makes you get into a fetal position in disgust, it's an overall better season than the first. —Angel Diaz