In the waning days of pre-corona 2020, Larry David pulled off the near-impossible. The best series crumble under longevity, for sitcoms that lifespan is arguably even shorter. And David himself even scuffed his crown jewel ever so slightly when Curb Your Enthusiasm's much-ballyhooed comeback season, its ninth following a record six-year hiatus, quickly revealed itself as the show's weakest year yet (spoiler alert for this list). Turns out all LD needed was to get active again.

Season 10 is a bounce-back that exceeds the task of just being better than 9—mid-way through its run chatter about it being one of, if not the best season of the series started and the excellent star-studded finale confirmed those premature evaluations.

Even some of Curb's loyal supporters would argue that it's not really a series most think of in the context of seasons. You remember "the one with the doll" or "Krazee-Eyez Killa" without much care to which season that episode falls in. That's not entirely true. Save season 1, each year has a loose theme tying Larry's misadventures together. Think deeper and you remember Ben Stiller sticking around for a bunch of episodes, or the season with Vivica A. Fox and of course, the Seinfeld season. So with that said, let's get full nerd with it: Does season 10 really stack up with some of Curb's cemented classic years as the best?

Here is our ranking of the seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm.