The 30 Best Movies Streaming on Netflix (November 2023)

Need help on what movies to watch? We've got you covered. Here are the 30 best movies streaming on Netflix right now.


With so many streaming services out there (and more popping up by the day), it can be hard to know which one you can turn to in your time of streaming need. But really, all you need is the one that started it all: Netflix. Yes, Netflix still has plenty of streaming movies (both original and acquired) that rival the ones that you can catch in theaters. The only problem is that it’s tough to keep up with what’s being added to the service every month. Luckily you have us to sift through their extensive library and find the very best of the best. You’re welcome, by the way.

So when you’ve had enough Peaky Blinders and before you find out what the Lincoln Lawyer is all about, why not dive into a movie? Here are the best movies on Netflix right now.

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1. The Killer (2023)

Director: David Fincher
Cast: Michael Fassbender, Tilda Swinton, Charles Parnell, Arliss Howard
Genre: Thriller
Rating: R
Runtime: 1h 58m
Rotten Tomatoes: 87% (Critics), 81% (Audience)

Director David Fincher is back with a darkly comic-action thriller. There are some jobs where you can't make a wrong move, and being an assassin is one of them. Clear your mind with some yoga, music, and even some breathing exercises. Anything to keep your focus on alert. But what would happen if you did make a mistake? Michael Fassbender stars as an executioner who just so happened to miss his target. As he grapples with the intense fallout, you must wonder if the job was ever worth it.  

2. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)

Director: Edgar Wright
Cast: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, Chris Evans
Genre: Action, Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 1h 52m
Rotten Tomatoes: 82% (Critics), 84% (Audience)

In 2010, Edgar Wright assembled a cast of up-and-coming stars for an adaptation of the cult graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O'Malley. Michael Cera plays the titular hero, a bass player for the band Sex Bob-Omb, as he contends with his messy personal relationships and literally fights his love interest's seven evil exes. The movie plays out like a live-action, beat-em-up arcade game as Scott, after getting an email from the League of Evil Exes, must defeat them in order to date Ramona Flowers.  These opponents include action-movie star Lucas Lee (Chris Evans), rival bass player Todd Ingram (Brandon Routh), and a hot shot record producer, Gideon Graves (Jason Schwartzman). The rest of the all star cast includes Kieran Culkin as Scott's gay best friend Wallace, Aubrey Plaza as Scott's frenemy Julie, and Oscar winner Brie Larson as Scott's ex, rock star Envy Adams. 

3. Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

Director: Adam Wingard
Cast: Alexander Skarsgård, Brian Tyree Henry, Millie Bobby Brown, Rebecca Hall
Genre: Action, Science Fiction
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 1h 53m
Rotten Tomatoes: 76% (Critics), 91% (Audience)

Monsters are real. Earth has seen what the legendary Titans are capable of. After discovering their home world, a nefarious tech company seeks to control that power for themselves. Enlisting one of the planet's secret weapons, the protector of Skull Island, King Kong, a team plans to explore this other world. Only they didn't realize that Godzilla was playing gatekeeper. It's the rematch we all waited for as these two legends battle it out. Alexander Skarsgård, Brian Tyree Henry, and Millie Bobby Brown co-star alongside the monster icons.

4. Get Out (2017)

Director: Jordan Peele
Cast: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford
Genre: Horror
Rating: R
Runtime: 1h 44m
Rotten Tomatoes: 98% (Critics), 86% (Audience)

Meeting your partner's family tends to bring out the anxiety. Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is feeling it. He's unsure if his girlfriend's parents know he's Black. Everything is going right. It's almost too perfect. The idyllic house masks the horrors held within. Chris will lose himself in the "sunken place" if he doesn't escape. It's hard to believe this was Jordan Peele's first film. His Oscar-winning screenplay is sharp and clever while still delivering on the scares.

5. The Big Lebowski (1998)

Director: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Cast: Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi
Genre: Comedy
Rating: R
Runtime: 1h 57m
Rotten Tomatoes: 80% (Critics), 93% (Audience)

A group of men come to Jeffrey Lebowski’s (Jeff Bridges) house to shake him down for the money his wife owes. Only, they got the wrong Lebowski. Now this Lebowski, aka “The Dude”, wants compensation for his rug that was peed on. Unfortunately, he’s about to get caught up in a world beyond the bowling alley full of kidnapping and blackmail thanks to that other guy. Between the characters and the one-liners, The Coen Brothers’ film had cult classic written on it from the beginning. It spawned not only a festival (Lebowskifest), but a religion as well (Dudeism). 

6. Dune (2021)

Director: Denis Villeneuve
Cast: Timothée Chalamet, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Rebecca Ferguson, Jason Momoa, Zendaya
Genre: Sci Fi, Action
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 2h 35m
Rotten Tomatoes: 83% (Critics), 90% (Audience)

If you haven't seen 2021's Dune, Netflix has you covered before the release of the sequel. In a version of the future, the House of Atreides is offered care of the planet Arrakis. This planet is the only source of the universe's spice commodity. While hesitant, Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac) agrees. He is curious to forge an allyship with the inhabitants. Little does he know that this deal has been brokered as part of a coup to destroy the Atreides dynasty. On Arakkis, the Atreides' son, Paul (Timothée Chalamet), begins to have a reaction to the export. He sees violence. He sees a war. He sees... a girl (Zendaya). Could this be a sign of things to come? Frank Herbert's 1965 sci-fi masterpiece finally got the adaptation it deserved in the hands of visionary director Denis Villeneuve. 

7. Fair Play (2023)

Director: Chloe Domont
Cast: Phoebe Dynevor, Alden Ehrenreich, Eddie Marsan, Rich Sommer
Genre: Drama
Rating: R
Runtime: 1h 53m
Rotten Tomatoes: 87% (Critics), 51% (Audience)

Emily (Alden Ehrenreich) and Luke (Phoebe Dynevor) are coworkers. They have also managed to keep their relationship a secret from their other coworkers. After getting engaged, they don't think they can keep it a secret much longer. When one of the higher-ups is ousted, Emily overhears that Luke may be promoted. They celebrate. It may be the push they needed! But when it's Emily who is given the manager job, their relationship begins to fall apart. The film seeks to engage with the unfortunate sexual politics that come from mixing business with pleasure in a competitive industry.

8. The Monkey King (2023)

Director: Anthony Staachi
Cast: Jimmy O. Yang, Bowen Yang, Jolie Hoang-Rappaport, Jo Koy
Genre: Action, Adventure
Rating: PG
Runtime: 1h 32m
Rotten Tomatoes62% (Critics), 70% (Audience)

Monkey King (Jimmy O. Yang) doesn't feel at home with the other primates. He feels like an outsider, and not just because that's what they call him. He belongs up there with the Gods! In order to prove himself worthy to them, he decides to go on a quest to vanquish 100 demons. This starts to bring unwanted attention and a slew of new obstacles to reach his goal. Maybe being a God isn't what it's cracked up to be. This is a new take on the classic Chinese epic with the voice talents of Jimmy O. Yang as Monkey King and Bowen Yang as the nefarious Dragon King. 

9. The Pope’s Exorcist (2023)

Director: Julius Avery
Cast: Russell Crowe, Daniel Zovatto, Alex Essoe, Franco Nero
Genre: Horror
Rating: R
Runtime: 1h 43m
Rotten Tomatoes48% (Critics), 81% (Audience)

The majority of possession cases are not the work of the Devil. Father Gabriele Amorth (Russell Crowe) knows this. He isn't one to perform this ritual on a whim. On the occasion it needs to be done, he has the blessing of the Pope. Father Gabriele Amorth is said to have performed tens of thousands of exorcisms while he was still alive. He is the subject of the William Friedkin documentary "The Devil and Father Amorth '' which centers on him performing the ritual on a possessed woman in a small Italian village. His memoirs form the basis for this film with Russell Crowe portraying the controversial priest.

10. Paddington (2014)

Director: Paul King
Cast: Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent
Genre: Comedy, Adventure
Rating: PG
Runtime: 1h 35m
Rotten Tomatoes97% (Critics), 80% (Audience)

A stranger has found his way to London's Paddington Station. He is all alone. He is looking for somebody who will take him home. Did we mention this stranger is a bear? The beloved tale of the marmalade-loving mammal comes to life. He finds a home with the Brown family who decide to call him Paddington, of course. Despite the joy he brings all who cross paths with him, a museum collector (Nicole Kidman) isn't too fond of him... alive. She wants him stuffed for her display and she'll stop at nothing to have him. 

11. The Fast and the Furious (2001)

Director: Rob Cohen
Cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster
Genre: Action
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 1h 47m
Rotten Tomatoes54% (Critics), 74% (Audience)

Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and the rest of his "family" have become globe-trotting, world-saving heroes throughout the Fast & Furious saga. Before they were the good guys, LAPD had their eyes on them. Officer Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) is sent undercover to infiltrate the street racing scene of Los Angeles. There seems to be a connection between some of these racers and a string of robberies on the highway. After a rough start, Brian makes his way into the Torettos' good graces, even falling for Dom's sister Mia (Jordana Brewster). When Brian uncovers the truth about the stolen goods, how far will he go to stay in this new family?

12. Puss In Boots: The Last Wish (2023)

Director: Joel Crawford
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Olivia Colman, Harvey Guillen
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Rating: PG
Runtime: 1h 42m
Rotten Tomatoes95% (Critics), 94% (Audience)

Cats have nine lives. Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas) has managed to use all but one. When the physical embodiment of death shows up to claim him, Puss realizes he can't live forever. There is the legend of the Wishing Star that grants one wish to those that find it. Maybe he can get all of his lives back. Just one problem, Little Jack Horner, who isn't so little anymore, is also after the star. This former nursery rhyme "good boy" is willing to do whatever it takes to hoard for himself. This thrilling and stunningly animated film is a spinoff of the beloved Shrek series

13. They Cloned Tyrone (2023)

Director: Juel Taylor
Cast: John Boyega, Jamie Foxx, Teyonah Parris, David Alan Grier
Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy
Rating: R
Runtime: 2h 2m
Rotten Tomatoes: 94% (Critics), 100% (Audience)

Something's not quite right in the neighborhood. Our three protagonists would know, they run the streets. After noticing some strange occurrences, they decide to investigate. Somehow, someone is creating imitations of Black residents. They're collecting DNA by marketing products specifically to them. It's up to these three to stop it before it's too late. This pastiche stars Jamie Foxx, John Boyega, and Teyonah Parris and combines the style of blaxploitation with the paranoid ambiance of a 70's sci-fi flick.  

14. Wham! (2023)

Director: Chris Smith
Genre: Documentary
Rating: TV-14
Runtime: 1h 32m
Rotten Tomatoes: 89% (Critics), 88% (Audience) 

Their songs are staples of pop culture. Not a December goes by without hearing “Last Christmas.” Their number-one hit “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go!” has remained relevant for its infectious chorus and iconic comedic scenes from films like Zoolander and The Wedding Singer. Wham! was fronted by Andrew Ridgeley and George Michael, who would later go on to have his own widely successful solo career. These childhood friends dreamed of playing music together. This documentary charts the rise and fall of their overnight success and how fame would ultimately break them apart five years later.

15. Nimona (2023)

Director: Nick Bruno, Troy Quane
Cast: Chloë Grace Moretz, Riz Ahmed, Eugene Lee Yang, Lorraine Toussaint
Genre: Action, Adventure
Rating: PG
Runtime: 1h 41m
Rotten Tomatoes: 97% (Critics), 83% (Audience)

Queen Valerin has been killed. The former knight, Ballister Boldheart (Riz Ahmed) is charged with the crime. Upon hearing what he’s done, a young girl named Nimona (Chloë Grace Moretz) offers to be his underling. Forced to be an outcast because of who she is, Nimona has turned against society. Unfortunately for her, Ballister is actually out to prove his innocence and capture those who framed him. If Nimona gets to beat people up, she is in. The only catch is that he cannot freak out when she reveals that she can shape-shift. The unlikely duo set off to prove that the real monsters are not the ones hiding in the shadows. 

16. Extraction 2 (2023)

Director: Sam Hargrave
Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Golshifteh Farahani, Tornike Gogrichiani, Adam Bessa
Genre: Action, Thriller
Rating: R
Runtime: 2h 3m
Rotten Tomatoes: 80% (Critics), 85% (Audience)

When illegitimate businessmen need to be discretionary about getting someone home, they call Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth). A former member of the Australian Army, the disillusioned Rake has pivoted to working on the black market. The money is good and he has nothing left to lose after previously losing it all. After barely making it out of his last mission alive, he is summoned by a new client. This time it feels more personal. These people seem to know who he is, maybe who he once was. Chris Hemsworth returns in this sequel to the 2020 Netflix hit Extraction.

17. The Hateful Eight (2015)

Director: Quentin Tarantino
Cast: Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Samuel L. Jackson, Walter Goggins
Genre: Western
Rating: R
Runtime: 2h 48m
Rotten Tomatoes: 75% (Critics), 77% (Audience)

It's a blizzard outside and an assembly of cowboys, bounty hunters, and other ne'er-do-wells are stuck inside a cabin together. Reigning overall is Hangman (Kurt Russell) who just wants to collect his bounty for finally capturing Crazy Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh, in an Oscar-nominated performance). While all parties initially agree to be cordial during the snowstorm, they are a group of liars and backstabbers. Not everyone is going to make it through the night. Quentin Tarantino assembled an all-star cast for his eighth feature along with an Oscar-winning score by the legendary Ennio Morricone.

18. Spider-Man (2002)

Director: Sam Raimi
Cast: Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco
Genre: Action
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 1h 56m
Rotten Tomatoes: 90% (Critics), 67% (Audience)

While on a school field trip, science-nerd Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) is bitten by a genetically altered spider. The bite causes him to develop spider-like powers which he uses to fight crime and wrestlers under the name The Human Spider. Later he takes up Spider-Man in a more serious attempt of fighting evil. This includes another modified being, scientist Norman Osborn (Willem Dafoe). After an experiment gone wrong, Norman's psyche has split in two. The murderous, pumpkin-bombing Green Goblin is out to destroy New York City. Sam Raimi's comic book film set the scene for further Marvel cinematic blockbusters. It even includes a cameo from Stan Lee himself.

19. Carol (2015)

Director: Todd Haynes
Cast: Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Kyle Chandler, Jake Lacy
Genre: Romance, Drama
Rating: R
Runtime: 1h 58m
Rotten Tomatoes: 94% (Critics), 74% (Audience)

To make ends meet, photographer Therese (Rooney Mara) works in the toy department of a large department store. Enter Carol (Cate Blanchett), a glamorous housewife looking for a present. When she leaves a glove behind, Therese goes out of her way to mail it back. The act of kindness does not go unnoticed. As they begin to see more of each other, soon they themselves fall in love. Despite their passion, can it be enough to endure the oppressive American high society of the 1950s? Acclaimed director Todd Haynes directs two Oscar-nominated actresses in a film based on Patricia Highsmith's novel The Price of Salt.

20. Minions: The Rise of Gru (2022)

Director: Kyle Balda
Cast: Steve Carell, Taraji P. Henson, Michelle Yeoh, RZA
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG
Runtime: 1h 27m
Rotten Tomatoes: 70% (Critics), 89% (Audience)

The prequel that spawned the "Gentle-minions" trend arrives on Netflix. After unsuccessfully teaming up with some of the world's most notorious villains, the Minions are feeling lost. That is until they encounter the person that will eventually change their fates, a young, pre-Despicable Me Gru (Steve Carell). He dreams of becoming a supervillain and joining the notorious supergroup, the Vicious 6. When a heist that was supposed to be his audition goes awry, Gru is kidnapped and it's up to his minions to help save him. But first, they are going to have to learn some kung-fu and who better to teach them than a former master turned acupuncturist voiced by Michelle Yeoh?

21. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022)

Director: Rian Johnson
Cast: Daniel Craig, Ed Norton, Kate Hudson, Dave Bautista
Genre: Thriller
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 2h 20m
Rotten Tomatoes: 92% (Critics), 92% (Audience)

The world-renowned detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) returns! During the COVID-19 pandemic, Blanc receives an invitation to join tech billionaire Miles Bron (Edward Norton) on his private island. The retreat of his close friends happens to include a controversial starlet (Kate Hudson), an MRA twitch streamer (Dave Bautista), and the governor of Connecticut (Kathryn Hahn), just to name a few. Despite his reputation, Bron does not know who invited the sleuth but welcomes him. The reunion turns deadly when one of them is killed, leading to the unraveling of long-held secrets. It’s up to Blanc to peel back the layers to figure out which one of them it is before the killer can claim another victim.

22. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005)

Director: Nick Park, Steve Box
Cast: Peter Sallis, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Nicholas Smith
Genre: Comedy
Rating: G
Runtime: 1h 22m
Rotten Tomatoes: 95% (Critics), 79% (Audience)

When their beloved annual vegetable contest comes under threat from a wave of hungry rabbits, the town calls upon their bravest citizens to help. What they get is bumbling inventor Wallace (voiced by Peter Sallis) and his dog, Gromit. Their method of brainwashing rabbits into hating vegetables seems to be doing the trick! That is, until giant rabbit tracks are found amongst a mess of herbivorous carnage. It seems that they might have disturbed one monstrous bunny—who knows what or who will be his next target? The beloved British stop-motion duo made their feature film debut in this 2005 Oscar-winning film.

23. The Wonder (2022)

Director: Sebastián Lelio
Cast: Florence Pugh, Tom Burke, Niamh Algar, Elaine Cassidy
Genre: Drama
Rating: R
Runtime: 1h 48m
Rotten Tomatoes: 85% (Critics), 72% (Audience)

Based on Emma Donoghue’s 2016 novel of the same name, this psychological drama takes a look at the religious fervor of a small Irish town. A skeptical nurse is asked to accompany a group of religious townsfolk to the residence of a young girl. Her family has claimed that she has not eaten in more than four months and that it is a miracle. Both the girl and her family claim that she is satiated by manna that comes from heaven. As the nurse investigates, she is met with pushback from the town who feel that she does not believe. Florence Pugh delivers a powerful performance as the nurse who just wants to save the innocent girl. The film is helmed by the Oscar-winning A Fantastic Woman director Sebastián Lelio with a screenplay by the novel’s author.

24. Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio (2022)

Director: Guillermo del Toro, Mark Gustafson
Cast: Gregory Mann, Ewan McGregor, David Bradley, Tilda Swinton
Genre: Musical, Fantasy
Rating: PG
Runtime: 1h 57m
Rotten Tomatoes: 97% (Critics), 85% (Audience)

Following the death of his son, a toymaker creates a marionette boy in his image. When it comes to life, the man finds, sadly, the puppet is nothing like his former son. Pinocchio follows the beloved wooden boy as he tries to integrate into society as a “real” boy and earn his papa’s approval. Guillermo del Toro’s take on the puppet finds him in the throes of Italy during the rise of Mussolini and fascism. Throughout it all, Pinocchio reminds us and the other characters what it means to be human in such a cruel world. While we are used to fairy tales having a darker edge, del Toro’s war setting brings out the cruelness of humanity.  The melancholy song, “Ciao Papa,” will be stuck in your head for weeks. 

25. Pamela, A Love Story (2023)

Director: Ryan White
Genre: Documentary
Rating: TV-MA
Runtime: 1h 52m
Rotten Tomatoes: 100% (Critics), 92% (Audience)

Pamela Anderson was everywhere in the 1990’s. From Baywatch to photoshoots, she was an icon. Because of this, her image and her story were taken away from her. To this day, her story is still being told without her involvement. Now she has decided she is reclaiming it. Pamela: A Love Story gives the camera back over to her. She is free to tell the stories from her side for the first time how she wants.

26. Unlocked (2023)

Director: Kim Tae-joon
Cast: Chun Woo-hee, Im Si-wan, Kim Hee-won
Genre: Thriller
Rating: TV-MA
Runtime: 1h 57m
Rotten Tomatoes: 67% (Critics), 88% (Audience)

Nami loses her phone. She's delighted to find that the person who found it has returned it safely to the store. Unfortunately, the guy who found it isn't the nice guy he seemed to be. Nami and her loved ones are soon put at risk by this man. He has hacked his way into her life and won't stop until he's ruined it. This thriller questions the idea of our personal cybersecurity in our modern lives.

27. Murder Mystery 2 (2023)

Director: Jeremy Garelick
Cast: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Mark Strong, Adeel Akhtar
Genre: Action, Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 1h 30m
Rotten Tomatoes: 45% (Critics), 46% (Audience) 

Nick (Adam Sandler) and his wife Audrey (Jennifer Aniston) were just mystery lovers. Their last vacation threw them into an actual one. When they receive a wedding invite, they are hoping this international vacation will be different. But as the wedding celebration is interrupted and the groom goes missing, they are thrown into another puzzle. These two will have to figure out who planned the kidnapping and why before it's too late in this sequel to the original 2019 Netflix hit Murder Mystery.

28. Hunger (2023)

Director: Sitisiri Mongkolsiri
Cast: Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, Nopachai Jayanama, Gunn Svasti
Genre: Drama
Rating: TV-MA
Runtime: 2h 10m
Rotten Tomatoes: 71% (Critics), 61% (Audience)

A thriller set amidst the Bangkok food scene. What drives a chef is the hunger for more. At least, that's what Aoy (Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying) believes. While serving her family's street food, her ambition is noted. A customer invites her to try out to apprentice under a master chef. The upscale restaurant Hunger is run with a firm grip by Chef Paul (Nopachai Jayanama). Despite his iron facade, he takes a liking to her. The world of culinary arts is cutthroat. If she doesn't look out, she'll be butchered.

29. A Man Called Otto (2022)

Director: Marc Foster
Cast: Tom Hanks, Mack Bayda, Mariana Treviño, Rachel Keller
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 2h 6m
Rotten Tomatoes: 69% (Critics), 97% (Audience)

In the suburbs of Pittsburgh, a widower (Tom Hanks) wakes up to another day. It's been several months since his wife passed away and he's finding little reason to continue on. He has become a reclusive pest to everyone who tries to help. A family moves in next door and begins to ask for his help, much to his annoyance. Despite his bad attitude, his new neighbors seem to enjoy Otto's company. Maybe he's starting to like it too. This adaptation of the runaway bestseller by Swedish author Fredrik Backman knows how to use Tom Hanks to its advantage. You love him even as a grump.

30. Missing (2023)

Director: Will Merrick, Nicholas D. Johnson
Cast: Storm Reid, Ken Leung, Nia Long, Daniel Henney
Genre: Thriller
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 1h 51m
Rotten Tomatoes: 88% (Critics), 90% (Audience)

After her father died years ago, June's mom (Nia Long) is starting to date again. This new guy is taking her on a Colombian vacation. After having the house all to herself, all June (Storm Reid) has to do is pick them up from the airport when they get back. Only they aren't there. Her mom isn't even answering her calls. With the internet at her disposal, June seeks to figure out who her mom's new boyfriend really is and where they could be. This thriller utilizes screen-life to put us on the case, unveiling information along with our protagonist.

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