There’s more TV than there’s ever before, so finding a good TV show to watch when you get off work can be a pretty daunting cast. Sure, you could binge watch just any Netflix show, but where’s the guarantee it’s going to be worth your precious time? You could also just rewatch an old classic like Breaking Bad or The Office, but why not try something new? Netflix has plenty of new programming that’s sure to scratch that very specific itch you didn’t know you had.

No matter what your television taste is, Netflix has TV for everyone. The streamer has gotten especially creative in the last year, with such diverse hits as Squid Game and Stranger Things being mainstays on Netflix’s top 10. Substantial repertory acquisitions like Seinfeld and Community have also been hot commodities thanks to their loyal fan bases and timeless appeal. Even when you think you’ve watched everything, there’s still at least one show you missed on Netflix that’s worth your time. Here are the best TV shows on Netflix to watch right now.