Cher Shares Why She Dates Men Younger Than Her: ‘Men My Age…They’re All Dead’

The 77-year-old opened up in a recent interview with Jennifer Hudson about her preference for men younger than her.

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Unashamed of dating a younger man, pop music icon and actress Cher told her truth on the latest episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show.

During a sitdown with Hudson on the FOX show, Cher, 77, spoke about her reasons for dating 38-year-old music executive Alexander 'A.E.' Edwards. Edwards previously dated Amber Rose, with whom he shares a four-year-old son, Slash.

On the 40-year age difference between she and Edwards, Cher kept it real with Hudson. “I’m really shy when I’m not working and kind of shy around men,” Cher said around the five-minute mark of the first video below.

"And the reason I go out with young men is because men my age or older—well, now they’re all dead—but before they just never, they were always terrified to approach me and younger men were the only ones that…"

"They're bold," Hudson responded.

"Yeah," Cher agreed. "Raised by women like me."

As for an artist that Edwards introduced her to, Cher's new favorite rapper is 2Pac. “I was so taken aback by the depth of the words," she said at the 2:45 minute mark of the second video below.

View this video on YouTube

View this video on YouTube

But there was one older man that made Cher "nervous" when she was younger, the late rock 'n' roll pioneer Elvis Presley, who almost got to take her on a date. "It was because I was nervous and I knew of the people around him, and it wasn’t that they were bad people, it’s just that I was kind of nervous of his reputation."

Cher and Edwards began dating in 2022 and briefly called it quits last May after six months of dating, but later reconciled.

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