Year: 2008

The year 2007 was a strange one for hip-hop, as ringtone rap began its climb from the bowels of YouTube to the tinny speakers of Nokias and the playlists of BET. With a couple of clicks, Soulja Boy-Superman-ing hoes across millions of computer screens-became a hero to many, a villain to many more. Within a year, Ice-T had had enough. "Fuck Soulja Boy!" Ice-T said on a mixtape by DJ Cisco. "Eat a dick! This n***a single-handedly killed hip-hop." (Related: Nas' Hip-Hop is Dead album had come out eighteen months earlier.)

Soulja Boy responded in YouTube videos: "You were born before the Internet was created-how did you even find me?" Ice-T, wearing an Iverson jersey, warned of "ramifications" in his round 2 video, asserting that Soulja Boy, by dissing Ice-T, was going up against "the whole West Coast, all the OGs." This beef petered out until 2011, when Ice-T made some more comments about Soulja Boy and Soulja Boy told his elder to "grow a hairline."