Joe Budden Reveals He Visited Drake Fans at Their House After They Ran Up on Him

On ‘Hot Ones,’ Joe Budden revealed that the day after Drake fans ran up on him, he visited their house.

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Joe Budden set the internet aflame after he chased down some kids who ran up on him at his house yelling about Drake and OVO. He ended up catching up with them at a stoplight, rocks in hand, as he warned them—not so kindly—to stay out of his neighborhood. Drake ended up following one of the kids on Instagram, and the whole thing spawned some hilarious memes.

Well, as it turned out, Joe Budden decided to pay those kids a visit the very next day. In a special preview clip for the upcoming episode of First We Feast's Hot Ones, Budden talked about the incident and how he thought of doing much worse things to the kids than just throwing rocks.

Ultimately, Budden showed up at their house, and decided to teach them an important lesson about how stanning on the internet is not the same as messing with people in real life. Hilariously enough, Budden wouldn't go into detail about how he found the kids, but did say that as a parent, he felt like it was important to teach them a lesson in how to treat people. 

Joe Budden's full Hot Ones appearance is on its way soon, and during the episode he talks his feud with Drake, his favorite memes, and much more. For now, you can check out him discussing the incident in the clip above.

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