Drake Takes Shot at Joe Budden During "Summer Sixteen" Show in Dallas

Watch Drake take a shot at Joe Budden during a “Summer Sixteen” show in Dallas.

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A year ago, nations far and wide united to watch Drake and Meek Mill push each other to greater artistic heights by casually exchanging blatant insults and subtle disses. What a time. History is apparently a big fan of repeating itself, as here we are with Joe Budden and the 6ix God slowly but surely trading enough blows to qualify for a full-on beef.

Drake appeared to turn up the heat during a "Summer Sixteen" tour stop in Dallas on Thursday by blatantly mocking the Slaughterhouse MC and his 2003 hit single, "Pump It Up." While speaking to the audience during the show, Drake joked that he should have invited Budden to come out and lay down a rendition of his Just Blaze-produced track:


— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) July 22, 2016

Dude's clearly not a big fan of pumping it up. Like clockwork, Budden chimed in on Drake's apparent diss with some tweets:

This is all particularly interesting given the fact that Budden recently opened up to Charlamagne Tha God about how and why this whole thing started. According to Budden, his battle with the 6ix God started when he got hit with subliminals on "4PM in Calabasas." But that's not all. A hookah-inspired moment of bonding, a peace gesture if there ever was one, made the disses especially hurtful for Budden:

"You want to use your celebrity to do that to me?" Budden said. "We smoked hookah together. How could you do that?"

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