French Montana and Drake Team Up for New Song "No Shopping"

French Montana and Drake debuted their new collaboration "No Shopping" on OVO Sound Radio.

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Fans have been waiting for French Montana and Drake’s collaboration “No Shopping” ever since a snippet on Snapchat leaked online back in May. Now that it’s confirmed the track will appear on French's upcoming album MC4, set to release Aug. 19, Drizzy and OVO Sound Radio have premiered the full version earlier today.

The snippet sparked an online debate about whether Drake was going after Joe Budden when his verse started with “pump, pump it up,” a reference to Budden’s 2003 hit “Pump It Up.” Listen to the original snippet below.

If you follow Budden’s career, you know he doesn’t take diss tracks—​subliminal or direct—lightly. He struck first with “Making a Murderer (Part 1),” a record that has lines like, "Kids got no respect/All because you call me for the whole check on every hoe you check," and "all of this just because I wasn't in love with his VIEWS." He also included a 2009 interview from his webseries JoeBuddenTV where Drake claims he wants to stay away from beefing with other rappers.

Budden, who couldn’t wait on a response from Drake anymore, threw some shots at French Montana on Twitter, noting that it took them too long to come up with a diss record. These tweets came from the idea that rappers could respond quickly on social media, but usually take weeks or more to answer back. So what does Budden do? He dropped another Drake diss.

"Wake," which has the line saying Budden waited five days for a reply, is another personal attack aiming at Drake’s propensity for borrowing other people’s styles—sometimes at the expense of someone else’s career. "We want a PARTY album," Budden raps, referring to OVO signee PARTYNEXTDOOR. "But you keep stealing all of PARTY album/To go and put it on your party album."

When Budden heard nothing but crickets from Drake’s side again, he attempted to bait him with more tweets. Although all of them have been deleted, he wanted Drake to come after him seeing that he was so aggressive against Tyga and Meek Mill. “Quiet out there when I’m not podcasting…. Fucking chumps,” he wrote.

With “No Shopping” out, does this mean Budden’s beef with Drake is over? Or is he readying the release of “Making a Murderer (Part 2)?” Listen to the track below, and stay tuned.

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