Producer: Frank Dukes

Havana and Atlanta aren’t sister cities. East Atlanta in particular, storied stomping ground of Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, 21 Savage, Future, and a host of other rappers, isn’t even a top destination among Atlanta natives—listen to some songs by these artists and you’ll get the drift. But after a few spins of Camila Cabello’s “Havana,” the phrase “East Atlanta nights” evokes the same sensual allure as “Havana nights.” Warm, bouncy, nostalgic, and sweaty, “Havana” builds a one-night stand into a pulsating fever dream that blurs reality and fantasy. Cabello’s layered vocals swelter around each other then swell into explosions of desire. “Take me back back back” she sings in the bridge, while the city she wants to return to cannily omitted. Young Thug is uncharacteristically reserved (and is actually from Southwest Atlanta) but his presence brings out the song’s springier elements, contrasting Cabello’s impressionistic longing with steamy details. From Havana to Atlanta, hot nights remain unforgettable. —Stephen Kearse

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