Label: Warner Records
Released: January 17

“Some people say they want to live forever,” Mac Miller sings on “Complicated.” “And that’s way too long.” Miller’s posthumous album, completed by Jon Brion, is a wonderful and sad addition to Mac’s discography. It’s hardly a rap album at all—more of a singer-songwriter record with some great rapping sprinkled in at key points. Miller sounds incredibly confident in his lyrics, melodies, and, more importantly, his ability to express emotion and meaning through his singing. He lets his voice carry the record, even at moments when he’s at the very top of his vocal range. There’s a waltz, a bass guitar solo, and arrangements that are complicated and lively without being busy or overbearing. “Why can’t it be easy?” Miller wonders on “Good News.” Life may have been difficult for Mac Miller, but he left this album behind to make it a little bit easier for all of us. —Shawn Setaro