Label: Loma Vista Recordings
Released: September 25

Some things just work perfectly together. You’ve got your food staples like PB&J, your hybrids like whiskey and cold weather, and your musical pairs like Pusha-T and cocaine. I’d like to nominate Action Bronson and drums for this list, please. Bronsolino’s immediately recognizable voice floats over psychedelic, dusty beats like no one else’s in the game, and once you know what you’re good at, you’d be wise to stick to it. People haven’t tired of this approach from Bronson, and Only for Dolphins is another example of really good beats and really entertaining rhymes from Flushing’s favorite son. If Scorsese asked me to be in The Irishman, I’d quickly agree, fulfill my contract, and retire from all public activity in glee. Props to Bronson for not only reemerging after this star turn, but putting out a very good record to go alongside a discography full of them. —Will Schube