Label: N/A
Released: May 30

In this era of 15-plus-track, stream-gaming albums, a 15-minute project is, at the very least, something different. But Tierra Whack’s debut is refreshing for more than just its length. Each track is a minute-long peek into the many corners of the 23-year-old’s off-kilter universe. Whack World covers material that is both surface-level and intimate. On “Cable Guy,” Whack raps about a man who she thought was her friend, but who just wanted to hook up with her (“Wish he had a remote just to control me/We was supposed to be friends, he was my homie”). Three songs later, on “Hungry Hippo,” she playfully waxes poetic about putting a man on to Gucci and Rick Owens (“He needed swag and I provide it”). It’s also a visual album, which expands the individual universe of each song. Check “Pet Cemetery,” where Whack dances around an actual pet cemetery, surrounded by hand puppets, and raps about her friend and fellow Philly rapper Hulitho, who died in 2016. Or “Dr. Seuss,” which becomes as cartoonish as its name when combined with Whack’s full-sized limbs poking out of the different windows and doors of a dollhouse. Tierra Whack does more with 15 minutes than most of your faves can do with 45, no cap. —Carolyn Bernucca