J. Cole Drops Full Hour-Long Lil Pump Interview

This is actually a thing that really happened. Wow.

J. Cole and Lil Pump set aside their Complex ad revenue-boosting differences to have a discussion at the Sheltuh in North Carolina, and now we have footage.

Friday, Cole dropped the full hour-long conversation. Right off the top, Pump and Cole discussed their respective early inspirations and how they resulted in their path to making music for millions of fans. "My first song was recorded on [iPhone] headphones and a laptop," Pump said. Shortly after, Pump explained, he laid down the self-referential "Lil Pump" with fellow Cole troller Smokepurpp.

Later, around the 28-minute mark, Cole reminded Pump of his influence on younger music fans. "There's a percentage of those kids that might know that you're, like, trolling in a sense," Cole said. "Like, 'Yo, he just doing wild shit because he knows that's what the fuck this shit is about, that's how you get attention, he's just a wild dude.' And they not taking it too serious, right?" However, by Cole's estimation, there are also fans who do take it all seriously.

Asked if he ever thinks about these effects, Pump confirmed that he does not. "No, not really," Pump said, adding that he no longer fucks with "all that Xannies and all that bullshit."

Around the 33-minute mark, Pump was asked how his affinity for "Fuck J. Cole!" came to fruition. Pump said that he noticed a lot of fans were commenting "Fuck J. Cole" on his social media accounts, so he started doing it. "It wasn't even, like, serious," he said. "I fuck with your shit. That shit's hard." They also discussed Cole's "1985" lines that were interpreted by many to be aimed at Pump, Smokepurpp, and others.

Catch the intergenerational interview in full below, then wish as hard as possible for Cole to pull off the same thing with Purpp.

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Prior to the interview's release, Pump told a red carpet annoyer at the Billboard Music Awards that he and Cole were "on good terms" now. So, um, does this mean we can we get a Pump x Cole x Purpp track soon?

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