Label: G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam
Released: May 25

A masterpiece is what Pusha and Kanye delivered. Why they waited so long to do a complete project together beats me, but it was well worth the wait. And while the controversy surrounding the 12th hour artwork change and Drake finally responding with a whole diss record to Pusha’s years of bullying overshadowed his album release, Pusha Ton of the shit that makes ya nose run stands firmly on top of the carnage, body unscathed, career and rep intact, effectively bringing the conversation back to arguably his best body of work since his days as one half of the Clipse. DAYTONA begins triumphantly with “If You Know You Know” as Push boasts about only things those that have done dirt can related to, as if it’s a fraternity, and only he and other true hustlers know its secrets. “Come Back Baby” is another standout and it’s tailor-made for a Jigga feature (hopefully, he can hop on a remix) Push, along with a handful of MCs, never wastes a line and each bar is layered like a birthday cake filled with double and triple entendres. DAYTONA was worth the wait. —Angel Diaz