Every collection from Aimé Leon Dore is exactly what you expect, but I mean that in the best possible way. There’s a selection of dependable basics that lay the foundation. There’s a few pieces that fly below the radar: a cardigan that looks like your granddad’s or a button-up shirt that looks like it went through a few laundry cycles. Then there are the showstoppers, pieces meant to stand out: a graphic sweater here, and loud, patterned trousers there. Put them all together and you have a collection that leaves you wondering where your money went. It’s a formula that works with continued success. 

Then there’s a little bit of the unexpected. 

The New Balance collections are worth the attention—and effort to grab a piece or two. And the Porsche partnership, which included a slick video and pop-up featuring the carefully crafted car, may have rewritten what it means for a collaboration to be truly “on-brand.” Every release from ALD feels like a Porsche 964 swinging through a perfectly measured turn. They’re carefully thought-out, detail-oriented, and made with the shopper in mind. With thousands of other brands vying for your attention and money, it’s nice to feel like ALD has you in mind.—Skylar Bergl

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