I've been writing about sneakers and collaborations for close to a decade. Over those years I've seen these shoes go from niche projects with European and Asian stores that you'd never have a chance to own, to major footwear brands collaborating with the biggest companies and entertainers. It's gone from shoes that only a handful of people knew about to sneakers that your mom is trying to buy. 2020 is the craziest year my generation has ever seen, and shoes feel unimportant at the moment, but it's still been a year full of noteworthy sneaker collaborations.

We've seen Virgil Abloh reinvent more Air Jordans, Nike collaborate with an ice cream company, upstarts like Joe Freshgoods take over All-Star Weekend with New Balance, and Travis Scott become the biggest name in sneakers.

There's also a Dior x Air Jordan 1 that's coming out soon, but since it hasn't actually released yet, it isn't included in this list. So that's that.

With that said, here are the best sneaker collaborations of 2020 so far.