The 25 Best Bape Items of All Time

In no particular order, here are the 25 best Bape items of all time. Let the debates begin. From Pepsi collaboration to Marvel Bapesta, we discuss it all.

Writing this list was far more difficult than I thought it would be. What does “best” really mean, anyway? There are a lot of angles you could take on that. Being the co-owner of 3peat, a business whose existence is essentially based off of the success of Bape, makes for a unique perspective.

In the end, I decided that the pieces that needed to make the cut were the ones that were the best and/or most important for Bape itself. This list does not reflect my personal favorites. It doesn’t only consist of the most coveted Bape items. These aren’t just Bape founder Nigo’s crazy one-off pieces; every single product here was available to consumers. Instead, these are products that I feel impacted the culture in the most significant ways or went beyond what had previously been accomplished by a streetwear brand. We may be living in the “collaboration generation” right now, but Bape, under Nigo, pioneered and set the bar for what seems like commonplace for brands today.

In no particular order, here are the 25 best Bape items of all time. Let the debates begin.

Bape x Pepsi Collaboration

Bape x Pepsi

Shark Hoodie

Bape 1st Release Shark Hoodie

N*E*R*D Trucker Hat

Bape x N.E.R.D. Trucker

Kanye West Bapesta

Bape x Kanye West Bapesta

Original Nowhere T-shirt

Bape Nowhere T shirt

Pharrell Roadsta

Bape x Pharrell Roadsta

1st Camo Snowboard Jacket

Bape 1st Camo Snowboard Jacket

Patent Leather Bapesta

Bape Patent Leather Bapesta

Marvel Bapesta

Marvel Bapesta 'Hulk'

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star OX

Bape x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Kaws Chomper Hoodie

Bape x Kaws Chomper Hoodie

Rimowa Cabin Trolley

Bape Rimowa luggage

Supreme Box Logo T-Shirt

Bape x Supreme Box Logo T shirt

Apehead Coffee Table

Bape Apehead Coffee Table

Multi Camo Terry Cloth Robe

Bape Multi Color Terry Cloth Robe

Color Camo Full Zip Hoodie

Bape Color Camo Full Zip Hoodie

Kaws Chomper Varsity Jacket

Bape x Kaws Chomper Varsity Jacket

Scarface Champagne Bottle T-Shirt

Bape x Scarface Champagne Bottle T shirt

Casio G-Shock

Bape x Casio G Shock

Impossible for Bape Polaroid Camera Set

Bape x Polaroid Impossible Camera

Spray Can T-shirts by Futura/Stash

Bape x Future/Stash Spray Can

Kaws Baby Milo Slaughter Hoodie

Bape x Kaws Milo Slaughter Hoodie

Kaws Bendy 1st Camo XX Trucker Hat

Bape x Kaws Bendy Camo Trucker

Meister ABC Camo Sofa

Bape x Meister Sofa

Baby Milo Multi Camo Full Zip Hoodie

Bape Milo Multi Camo Full Zip Hoodie

Release Date: Fall/Winter 2005-2006

In 2004, Pharrell wore this hoodie in the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” music video. The whole video was in black and white, but I remember flipping out when I actually saw the color of the sweater. Bape dropped them in pastel colors, used a new camo pattern, and even printed the camo on the inside of the hood. That hoodie was so hard.

Honorable Additions

(N)umber Nine Racer Jacket 

Release Date: Spring/Summer 2000

This is single handedly one of the most mind blowing pieces A Bathing Ape has released. In 2000, BAPE teamed up with Takahiro Miyashita three years after he founded his cult Japanese label Number (N)ine. This patched racing jacket blended BAPE’s logo-manic aesthetics with Miyashita’s rock and roll sensibilities.—Lei Takanashi

Autograf T-Shirts 

Release Date: 2004 

Autograf is an excellent graffiti book by Peter Sutherland. It’s filled with nearly 100 portraits of New York City’s most iconic graffiti writers—ranging from NATO to Futura. In 2004, A Bathing Ape produced a limited run of T-shirts for the book’s release party at BAPE’s gallery in Aoyama, Tokyo. Although the T-shirt featuring Autograf’s tag on the book’s cover is extremely rare, another T-shirt featuring KAWS’ portrait from the book is far more coveted. —Lei Takanashi

Biggie Smalls Photo T-Shirt 

Release Date: 2002

Everyone knows that photo of Biggie. The one where he’s rocking a pair of Versace shades while wearing a big ass BAPE Snowboard jacket in the ‘90s. Biggie was always light years ahead of the game when it came down to style. The photo, which was shot by the legendary hip-hop photographer Shawn Morteson, was printed on a limited run of BAPE T-shirts in 2002 for an exhibition that Morteson held at the BAPE gallery. —Lei Takanashi

Jay-Z 'The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse' Promo T-Shirts

Release Date: 2002

This is easily one of the rarest BAPE promo T-shirts ever made. To celebrate the release of Jay-Z's The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse, BAPE released three different T-shirts featuring their signature camo with Hov’s album font. These were only released in Japan in extremely limited quantities. A set of all three T-shirts sits comfortably on Grailed for the asking price of $5,000. —Lei Takanashi

“I Still Love H.E.R.” T-Shirt

Release Date: 2008

This T-shirt commemorates one of the most iconic moments in BAPE’s history. In 2005, NIGO formed BAPE’s in-house Japanese rap group, The Teriyaki Boyz. Ryo-Z, Wise, Illmari, and Verbal became some of the first Asian rappers to crossover into American culture, cutting tracks with the likes of Pharrell, Big Sean, and Busta Rhymes. The group’s most famous song is undeniably “I Still Love H.E.R.” which features the one and only Kanye West. This T-shirt commemorates that historic crossover. Following Teriyaki Boyz, Verbal went on to launch AMBUSH with Yoon. Read our full interview with Verbal here.—Lei Takanashi

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