Believe it or not, we're living in the golden age of sneakers. As the culture becomes more and more mainstream, not only are other industries starting to pay attention, but there are literally college classes tailored towards the sneaker business now. Sure, the old guard is as important as ever—word to Mark Parker, Michael Jordan, and Tinker Hatfield—but there's a new crop of talent and a new relevance to certain industry vets too. You've got guys like Jon Wexler bringing in Kanye West to adidas, and Nathan VanHook tasked with taking Nike's legacy of beautiful pragmatism into the future.

As technologies like 3D printing and digital platforms continue to have a visible impact on sneakers, we took some time to gauge how far sneaker culture has come, and why we're still as psyched as ever to see where it's going. In no particular order, here's the hodgepodge of sneaker-related stuff that we think comprise The 25 Most Exciting Things In Sneakers Right Now.