Director: Kai Crawford
Album: Paper Trail

A response track to Shawty Lo's "Dunn Dunn," the video for "What Up What's Happnin'" was T.I.'s proof that he really did represent for the Bankhead neighborhood in Atlanta. Shawty Lo, offended that T.I. had been representing for Bankhead without mentioning him, argued otherwise. T.I.'s response was to film an entire video in front of Bankhead's Bowen Homes housing projects. Flanked by Alfamega and joined by pre-haircut era comedian Lil Duval and pre-haircut era rapper Meek Mill, Tip even did Lo's "Dey Know" dance at the end of the video. The beef was ultimately squashed before T.I. began his sentence, and Shawty Lo would ultimately detail his side of the story in the Coldplay-sampling "Roll the Dice."