Label: Grade A Productions/Interscope Records
Released: July 10

Juice WRLD’s tragic death shaped much of rap music in 2020, and it served as an awful foreboding for what the year had in store for far too many hip-hop stars. His death in December of 2019 feels like a million years ago and yesterday at the same time, and while his departure is impossible to separate from Legends Never Die, it’s a testament to the team that put the album together that it stands on its own at all. The album is typical Juice WRLD fare, walking along the tightrope of emo and rap that he maneuvered so well. Pain is profitable in rap music, but few were able to make the feeling as tangible as Juice WRLD did. It’s why he was one of the most popular rappers on the planet when he died. His songs resonated in a way incalculable by streaming numbers or chart-toppers. It’s music that stays with you, which is a consolation prize none of us wanted. —Will Schube