Label: Quality Control Music/Motown/Capitol
Released: January 26

Did Culture II live up to the high expectations we had for Migos after Culture? No. Is Culture good enough that even a mid version has plenty of slaps to go around, including a handful that y’all slept on? Absolutely. Almost a year later, highlights like “Stir Fry” still hold up, showcasing the Migos at their goofiest. But let’s talk about those sleepers. “Gang Gang”? A beautiful song about friendship. “Bad Bitches Only”? Home to one of 21 Savage’s best moments of the year. “Open It Up”? A reminder of exactly where the trio came from, after “Bad and Boujee” was colonized by fraternities nationwide last year. At an hour and 45 minutes, there’s plenty of fat to trim, and one could more than fairly argue that Culture II only reinvented Culture’s wheel. But there are certainly worse things to reinvent. —Carolyn Bernucca