Label: Epic Records
Released: November 16

After her interesting year(s) in the public eye, which featured everything from an awkward reality show on E! to an equally awkward New Year’s Eve performance, bouncing back with a slapper of a 15th studio album didn’t seem like it was in the cards for the supreme diva—yet here we are. Ascending to her throne, Mariah Carey found a way to reestablish her unique blend of hip-hop, pop, and R&B into a release that flows effortlessly. Sure, tracks like “The Distance,” with a powerhouse of talented artists behind it (Skrillex, Lido, Poo Bear, and Ty Dolla Sign) should be no-brainers, but you’re still not ready for the emotional gut punch when the bass drops under that heavenly hook. Lil’ Kim’s “Crush On You” gets a fresh coat of paint on the empowerment anthem “A No No,” and current sensation Gunna finds a way to flex with Mariah like it’s nothing on “Stay Long Love You.” For anyone wondering if Mariah still has it, Caution is the perfect release to quiet that talk. —khal