Label: PH Recordings/Loma Vista Recordings
Released: July 27

Three months before releasing his three-act album TA13OO, Denzel Curry dropped the project’s first single, “SUMO.” Produced by Charlie Heat, it contains the same unrelenting energy that Denzel has been known for since dropping his debut album, Nostalgic 64, back in 2013. Denzel’s already multifaceted persona expands in both subject matter and musical approach throughout the rest of the album. TA1300’s standout track, “Clout Cobain,” directly targets the fuckery that’s afoot in the music industry today, highlighting what many of his peers are willing to do for a dollar and a chain. Thematically, Denzel is addressing the shortcomings of not just those around him professionally, but also those who grew up with him. More specifically, he’s pulling the veil back for anyone who’s pretending they still don’t understand how and why black youth get tossed by the wayside all too often. —Kiana Fitzgerald