Album: N/A
Label: Virgin EMI
Producer: Vic Mensa, Stefan Ponce

Vic Mensa got on people's radars last year with sophomore mixtape INNANETAPE, but he's poised to really breakout in 2014 and "Down on My Luck" is just the song to do it. Bolstered by it's Groundhog's Day-style music video, the song might feel like a blatant attempt by a rappity rapper to make a dance song to get on the charts. But when you consider Vic's Chicago roots, the house beat makes a lot more sense. Plus, as fans of Vic's INNANETAPE know, he's all about mixing and merging sounds and styles. So even if "Down on My Luck" doesn't feature much rapping, it still somehow plays into Vic's strengths. —Insanul Ahmed