Album: N/A
Label: Republic
Producer: Max Martin, Shellback & Ilya

Ariana Grande's "Problem" is pure pop. There's a certain feeling a summer pop anthem can give you at it's best; it's a mix of innocence, familiarity, and pure bliss, like when you're a kid going further and faster on the swings than you thought possible and feeling it in your stomach but loving every minute. From the first time we heard "Problem" it gave us that feeling. Add up a distinct saxophone, skittering drums, a Big Sean whisper, and at the center, put Ariana Grande's Mariah Carey-esque vocals and you get a song that can get played on the radio, the cookout, and the club without getting played out.

Though she takes nothing off the table, Iggy Azalea's contributions to the song are nil but this song has done wonders for her career. While "Problem" sat at No. 2 on the Hot 100, Iggy's "Fancy" took the No. 1 spot ensuring this would be the Summer of Iggy. But it's Ariana, the longtime superstar in training, who is ready to take the training wheels off with the first classic of her career. —Insanul Ahmed