Drake’s Big Pants Look Garners Confusion, Praise, and Everything in Between

Big pants. Big memes. Drake continues to make swiftly headlined moves post-Kendrick beef.

Drake performs on stage in front of a lively crowd, wearing a black casual outfit with gloves and engaging in energetic dance moves amid bright sparks
Image via Getty/Prince Williams/Wireimage
Drake performs on stage in front of a lively crowd, wearing a black casual outfit with gloves and engaging in energetic dance moves amid bright sparks

A pair of undeniably big pants, notably worn by Drake and made public alongside a characteristically cryptic IG caption, has gripped the planet like perhaps no pair of pants before it.

As you’ve likely seen on your timeline this morning, the big pants in question were seen in photos shared by Drake himself, whose accompanying remarks were swiftly linked by some fans to his and Kendrick Lamar’s historic back-and-forth

"Goats don’t worry about one trick ponies," Drake wrote.

Drake in casual attire, cream shirt with white sweater draped over shoulders, and beige pants at an outdoor event
Drake, wearing a white shirt and loose beige pants, stands in a park adjusting his scarf. The caption reads: "Goats don't worry about one trick ponies."

Naturally, given the made-to-be-memed aspect of the For All the Dogs artist’s look, the reactions were equal parts plentiful and impassioned. While some were quite fond of Drake’s choice of attire, including Ice Spice, others were decidedly less so. 

At any rate, the look likely accomplished its intended purpose, in that everyone is once again talking about Drake.

Why is he dressed like Katherine Hepburn surveying her estate while on holiday in upstate New York.

Why is he dressed like a femme fatale greeting the detectives in the foyer of her oceanside manor

Why is he dressed like Joan Crawford arriving on-set precisely at 5:30am pic.twitter.com/jvsFIqnpT1

— 🔥 🏠 with a Y 🏠 🔥 (@wyntermitchell) June 10, 2024

Why is he dressed like the mannequins they used to stage the houses when they tested the atom bomb

Why is dressed like Bette Davis demanding a meeting with Louis B. Mayer

Why is he dressed like Walt Disney reviewing plans for Disneyland

— 🔥 🏠 with a Y 🏠 🔥 (@wyntermitchell) June 10, 2024

Like a Woody Allen woman

— The Wish Lady ⛲️🪙 (@LifeOfPammi) June 10, 2024

Stop putting Drake and them pants on my TL. Y'all falling into his trap. He know what he doing

— :: Deebo's Pigeon Coop (@Crisaundra_) June 10, 2024

can photoshop twitter do its thing & make a thread where Drake’s pants keep getting bitter pls pic.twitter.com/isxSYPvrBH

— matthew craig (@whatmsees_rmf) June 10, 2024

Drake got them Michael Jordan cut pants lol https://t.co/A03JbSDgp3

— Beanz N Kornbread® (@BeanznKornbread) June 10, 2024

I got Drake jokes because he makes it easy (and I think it’s on purpose), but them pants are fire.

Like Pink/Salmon, it takes a specific type of confidence to be able to pull them off as a man.

Still ain’t the kind of guy that ties a cable knit sweater around my neck tho.

— CORNPOP’S REVENGE ⚔️ (@TokyoPro) June 10, 2024

Profoundly enormous pants on Drake here pic.twitter.com/KKjtCIpgHo

— Rachel Tashjian Wise (@theprophetpizza) June 10, 2024

Kendrick: “I hate the way that you walk, the way that you talk, I hate the way that you dress.”

Drake: …how bout now??? pic.twitter.com/TMmyE7Mx3m

— Trey Ferguson (@PastorTrey05) June 10, 2024

Drake showing up to his sons soccer game dressed like this is fckin unhinged 🤣🤣 pic.twitter.com/j8tx8kbC5J

— aaron. (@ayroned) June 9, 2024

Too broke to understand what Drake is wearing pic.twitter.com/plxmQjlhAB

— The Instigator (@Am_Blujay) June 10, 2024

Pulling up to your kids soccer game dressed like a modern day Cary Grant is hilarious but in all honestly this might my have instantly become my favorite Drake fit of all time pic.twitter.com/PPs2rLEqnE

— Jake Woolf (@jakewoolf) June 9, 2024

The same is true for skinny silhouettes. There is nothing wrong with a skinny silhouette if it fits your body and outfit. But the tailoring has to be on point. Yves Saint Laurent's suit on the left is crisp and clean. Craig's jacket on the right has problems. pic.twitter.com/oFi7Qw3YXT

— derek guy (@dieworkwear) June 10, 2024

When we last heard from Drake, he was putting a regional parody spin on Plain White T’s mid-2000s megahit "Hey There Delilah." Shortly after the remix's rollout, speculation of the AI variety was understandably high, with PWT singer and songwriter Tom Higgenson seemingly referencing such talk in the band's much-discussed reaction clip.

"That’s not Drake," Higgenson said of the confounding track. "It’s crazy that everybody thinks that it's real. It seems like it’s very obvious."

Obvious or not, the song served as Drake's latest step in the post-Kendrick beef landscape. In May, he playfully rapped over Metro Boomin's "BBL Drizzy" instrumental for Sexyy Red's In Sexyy We Trust project. That same month, he made a surprise appearance during 21 Savage’s headlining Toronto show.

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