​​LeBron James’ Nike line feels like it has two distinct eras of collectability. There were earlier days, where player exclusives and friends and family versions were among the most coveted and valuable shoes of the time. And then there was when LeBron made his transition from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat between his seventh and eighth signature models, and more visible tech was introduced to the line. The LeBron 2 falls into the former category, a favorite among older fans, but less hyped among the younger generation. Given the fact that only four original colorways (including the online-exclusive “Birthday” edition) of the LeBron 2 hit retail, there are lot of opportunities to drop some of the more elusive pairs like the “Retro Nights” colorway James wore as he collected his first triple double in 2005, the introduction of the “Dunkman” look, or even the “Beast” PE that first surfaced in 2014 and feature multiple animal prints. —Zac Dubasik