Locations: Online

Selling process: You take images of your sneakers and create a listing. You can either have people bid on your sneakers or allow them to be bought instantly at a set asking price. Once a buyer is determined, the seller comes in contact with the buyer and payment is made. It’s not an automatic process and buyers can flake. You ship the sneakers yourself, so you add the shipping into the cost.

Fee: There are no sellers fees on sneakers over $100, not including shipping, handling, taxes, or fees. There will be a .30 cent final value fee, but will be a credit on users who use managed payments.

Payment process: The buyer can pay with PayPal, credit, or debit.

Pros: EBay is the biggest marketplace on the internet, and the more you sell and positive feedback you receive, the more likely that you’re going to make more sales. It’s also the O.G. place to buy and sell sneakers on the internet, so you’ll potentially have more people looking at your listings.

Cons: If buyers flake, you have to re-list the item, although eBay will refund your fees. There are also fakes on eBay, so buyers are sometimes wary about getting sneakers on there