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Stars: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Anna Chlumsky, Tony Hale, Matt Walsh, Reid Scott, Sufe Bradshaw, Timothy Simons, Gary Cole

Veep is the evil twin of Parks and Recreation. While Parks and Rec ultimately believes in the power of government, friendship, and human decency, Veep advances the thesis that any good that happens is the world is the result of someone's selfish vanity. The flawless cast is forever engaged in ridiculous verbal sparring for any small advantage in the political arena. The result is hilarious, petty jockeying for parking spaces and photo ops in too small offices and too public luncheons. Nothing short of brilliant.

Every character, from Julia-Louise Dreyfuss' V.P. to Timothy Simons' lowly Jonah, is forever game to do battle, and the results are comedic perfection. The comic battlefield is so perfectly pitched by brilliant creator Armando Iannucci that every guest star who enters the fray shines with their own vitriolic verbal punches. With Veep, Iannucci has created an environment that is too funny too fail. Here's hoping for four more years of gut-busting gut-punching. —Brenden Gallagher