Celebrity: Donald Trump

Despite gathering evidence that we are indeed living in a Plutocracy, America is still acting under the guise of a free Republic where free speech isn't just allowed, it's encouraged. But just because you can say something doesn't mean that you should, and no one had a more obnoxious year with his words than Donald Trump. It seemed like Trump made it his personal mission in 2012 to lose President Obama the November election. And he did so through vicious tweets and damning remarks about the President's qualifications, nation of origin, and intelligence.

Most disturbing is that after Obama claimed victory, Trump tweeted that people should take to the streets and revolt until the outcome was reversed. This goes against everything our country stands for, but that doesn't matter to a billionaire like Trump, who is looking to save a couple percentage points on his tax totals at the end of the year. While most multi-billionaires strive to look like Warren Buffett, Trump seems perfectly content to be more like Mr. Burns.

In 2013, Trump should give his vocal chords and his fingers a rest and just stay away from Twitter and live microphones for the year. It will keep him out of trouble, and maybe people will forget about how much he looks down on people making less than seven-figures. —Jason Serafino