The pilot of HBO's new Aaron Sorkin series The Newsroom debuted to high ratings for the network, but according to Vulture, this wasn't the case for the second episode. Numbers for week two dropped about 20 percent from the premiere episode, bringing the total number of viewers to 1.7 million - last week, it was 2.1 million. Additionally, the number of viewers under 50 dropped 30 percent compared to last week.

This doesn't necessarily mean bad news for the show, however. Ratings from repeat showings, OnDemand viewings, and HBO Go streaming won't be available until much later, so it's possible (likely, even) that the numbers will rise significantly when those are taken into account. And hey, even if they don't, rest easy Newsroom fans, because the fate of the show has already been sealed - HBO renewed it for a second season just yesterday. 

[via Vulture]

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