Amanda Bynes has so much potential to be badass. She's funny and hot, plus has always had a bit of a naughty side. Unfortunately, that naughty side has come out full-force over the last year, resulting in seven driving accidents in the span of six months. That's more than one per month. Get a chauffeur, Bynes! Or a car that maxes out at 15mph.

The worst part is Bynes's endless denial. Back in June, she Tweeted the Prez, saying "hey @BarackObama...I don't drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don't hit and run. The end." We all know there is nothing that the President prioritizes more than idiotic behavior on the part of former child stars.

There have been rumors that on top of all the horrendous driving, Bynes is behaving in other strange ways. She got kicked out of a cycling class at her gym, locked herself up in a dressing room for two hours, and told cops at the airport that she was in a no-parking zone because she had planned on traveling but changed her mind.

We really hope this woman doesn't ever decide to take up flying.