Short Version: The guy who took Mitt Romney's job is also the kind of guy Mitt Romney said he doesn't give a shit about.

Less-Short Version: Mitt Romney’s successor to the governorship in Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, is African-American. While the subject of color hasn’t exactly come up between the men, Gov. Patrick did express personal disgust when Romney’s secretly-recorded comments about the “47 percent” of Americans who would never vote for him were revealed, saying, “I can tell you—as someone who grew up on welfare, who spent some time on food stamps—my mother was just the kind of person … who was aspiring to get to a better place, to get her GED, to get a job, to stand on her own two feet [...] And the notion that she or we or people like us would be belittled while we needed some help to be able to stand on our own two feet is exactly what I think Governor Romney is conveying.”