We don't want to get too deep into this, but yes, Kristen Stewart's perpetual sour face is bothersome. We understand that being misunderstood as an awkward young icon is tough. We assume that as annoying as we find Twilight, the movie/book series must be the bane of Kristen's existence by now.

Still, Kristen entered the franchise of her own free will. The books were already the nation's wet dream, so how did she not know what she was getting into? All we can say is, suck it up. Accept your life of riches and fame. 

On top of her never-ending bad attitude, this year Kristen popped up all over news feeds for cheating on boyfriend and Twilight costar Robert Pattinson. We don't care about the adultery, but it just seems so stupid to us that a mega celebrity would get so damn up close and personal with her married director jumpoff on a public bridge. There are hotels, motels, abandoned lots, cars! Anything with windows and doors would have been a better idea.