Spoiler alert: President Barack Obama was elected for a second term last night in a near-landslide victory against Republican nominee Mitt Romney. By now, you've probably seen photos of Obama's supporters celebrating their victory plastered all over the Internet, from MSNBC to even Fox News' front pages. 

As is to be expected, it was a different story for Romney's supporters. Across the nation at election viewing parties, Romney's dedicated fans collapsed to the ground in despair and held their heads in anguish as results were released, and, luckily, ever-reliable press photographers were there to catch it all on camera. As it can be assumed that you'll all probably see many more pictures from Obama victory parties everywhere else, we here at Complex put together a collection of images depicting the other side of election night. The forgotten party, if you will.

The Ugliest Loser Stinkfaces of Election 2012 are, truly, rare pictures of human sadness in its rawest form. Fascinating, really. 

Sorry, guys.

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Compiled by Tanya Ghahremani (@tanyaghahremani)