Oh, Ryan Lochte. Many women say this and sigh as they gaze upon the Olympic swimmer's abs (he's often shirtless). The rest of us say it because he is a dolt who can't seem to help making himself a punch line.

At the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Ryan Lochte was supposedly going to knock Michael Phelps off his pedestal and become America's new star swimmer. Lochte dressed like a d-bag and won a respectable two gold medals, two silver, and a bronze <<< Phelps won five golds and a silver and became the most decorated Olympian of all time, with 22 medals. Lochte looked like an ass for suggesting that he was currently better than his teammate.

Since then, the "Lochtenator" has made a series of moves that make us want to push him under water: He's appeared in suspect ads, trademarked a common phrase that he admits to jacking from a rapper (who wasn't even the first to use it), made a terrible, wooden, abs-out cameo on 90210, and expressed interest in becoming a reality TV star, which would ensure he ends up on a list like this.

Jeah seriously, bro, just go back under water and hold your breath for a while.