Like the real newsrooms across the globe being hit by budget cuts and mass layoffs, Vulture is reporting that Aaron Sorkin has fired most of the writing staff for his HBO series The Newsroom, with the exception of his ex-girlfriend Corinne Kinsbury.

It's not too clear on whether or not Sorkin plans on replacing these writers for season two, or just penning the scripts himself - as he's known for being a rather controlling writer who rarely shares credit, the latter definitely wouldn't be surprising. Additionally, the question to why Sorkin would fire most of the writing staff so soon after receiving a renewal remains. As one Hollywood writer told Gawker:

Firing the entire staff of a show that got renewed is military grade villainy. Shows get renewed and people make decisions—get engaged, have children, etc —because it's so rare to be part of something successful out here. To be fired, en masse, is a petulant act that added IMMENSE amounts of stress to dozens of lives because he's a whiny bitch, upset he's not getting his customary chub-huffing from the press on that show.

What do you think of the layoffs?

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