There are few cultural juggernauts as polarizing as Justin Bieber—haters will hate, but one thing is for certain: when it comes to the pop music arena, he’s largely unavoidable. But it hasn’t always been that way. If it were the beginning of the decade when a young tweenage Bieber first got his started as Usher’s protégé, it’s unlikely to think that we would be having this conversation here at Complex. Justin Bieber is cool, now, after years of not being cool but always being talented—the hits have remained consistent. A quick spin of 2013’s “Baby” will confirm it, but even as a teen heartthrob, a bad boy without a boy band, Bieber proved he’s got chops—a real idiosyncratic talent that the world would soon take notice.

Bieber got his start on YouTube, discovered on accident by mega-manager Scooter Braun. In a truly beautiful Hollywood tale, Braun fell in love with the kid and signed him to the media group he shared with Usher and the rest is mostly history: L.A. Reid co-signed, an Island Def Jam record deal was inked and the Biebs would spend the rest of his career on top (and we mean that literally: his first ever single, “One Time” hit No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100. An unrivaled success for a young artist relatively unknown.) Such is the power of JB.

With four albums under his near-decade career (and countless collaborations and guest verses, the boy hops on something and it turns to gold) we’ve taken on the daunting task of finding and outlining the very best of Biebs. We’ve honored Justin Bieber before, celebrating his best work, and since then, we’ve gotten so much more new music. The 2017 summer smash hit “Despacito” alone deserves its own book, but we’ll get to that! Check out how we’re feeling now and read all about what classic Bieber songs deserve Complex canon. These are the 30 Best Justin Bieber Songs.