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Album: Luv Is Rage 2
Producer: TM88, JW Lucas

In a year as punishingly strange as 2017, it’s fitting that the best song is the weirdest.

Lil Uzi Vert dropped “XO Tour Llif3” appropros of nothing. It was uploaded to SoundCloud to head off a potential leak. It’s unlikely anyone thought it would be a hit. But from the jump, it began making waves. Coming in a batch of songs, the only one anyone can name is this one, and for good reason—it’s the best thing Vert’s created to date.

The song is unhinged, an incoherent scream into an abyss of prescription drugs and unaddressed feelings. The beat, though, courtesy of TM88, keeps you listening. And Vert, deploying every petulant, sing-song-y flow he can muster, crafts phrases that, six months or so later, are still proving impossible to shake. It’s not a song that will be replicated—it’s unlikely that anyone will even try—because this unformed piece of songcraft, suicidal thoughts and all, has already been perfected. —Brendan Klinkenberg