There are few cultural juggernauts as polarizing as Justin Bieber—haters will hate—but one thing is for certain: When it comes to the pop music arena, he’s unavoidable. Bieber is cool now, after years of not being cool, but the hits have remained consistent throughout all his career phases. A quick spin of 2013’s “Baby” will confirm it, but even as a teen heartthrob and a bad boy without a boy band, Bieber proved he’s got chops—a real idiosyncratic talent.

With four studio albums under his belt in a near-decade career (plus countless collaborations and guest verses) we’ve taken on the daunting task of finding and outlining the very best of the Biebs. The 2017 summer smash hit “Despacito” alone deserves its own book, but we’ll get to that! We're still waiting for the follow-up to his 2015 album, Purpose, but until that arrives, these are the 30 best Justin Bieber songs.